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Sharp Connections is David Sharp and associates, a small people-oriented, technically-savvy, collaborative company.

Sharp Connections was formed in 1994 to provide technical services for others' communications needs. The company serves corporate, non-profit, small business and individual clients, in areas of online customer service and technical education, computer and software training, network and other computer-sharing plans and setup, technical troubleshooting and advice.

Sharp Connections views computers and software as tools not toil, which, when used properly, can be useful and effective for communicating ideas.

Patient planning, advice, training, and troubleshooting make the use of computers, software, and the Internet an efficient combination.


Because people need help making ideas work.

The best solutions to communications challenges usually come about by making connections between people and needs, and by using the right tools to help with those needs.

Sharp Connections can help you identify, focus on and use the tools to enable, activate, or answer your communications needs.


David Sharp

In 1994 David Sharp saw that people struggling with technology to communicate their ideas needed help "thinking outside the box" and looking at problems "sideways". David formed Sharp Connections with a vision to integrate learning and efficiency with choosing solutions that best suit people's comfort level and needs of technical challenges.

Since 1994 David has brought "sharp connections" to government ministries and commissions, Internet-related companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.

"With Sharp Connections, I focus on finding solutions to communications challenges through thoughtful planning, conceptual and graphic design, and the benefit of resourceful partnerships."


Alex Kindl

Alex has extensive experience with different computer operating systems, and a wide mix of hardware. As an avid technology hobbyist he enjoys repairing computers and vintage HiFi equipment. His enjoyment of learning from new scenarios translates to productive teaching of users of all ages and experience levels.

Alex’ specialties include: In-home diagnosing and repairs; malware and virus removal; coaching the basics of operating systems and online safety; home and small business networking; audio and visual systems setup and advice.

Jim Nielson

A former English professor who is also a writer, designer, photographer, and dj, Jim Nielson worked at Bell Sympatico for five years, initially as a programmer, but then as a product manager, producer, and home page editor. Jim has worked closely with David since 2001, providing design, Flash animation, editing, client- and server-side programming, layout and markup.

Vikram Rao

Vik is also a former Sympatican and has worked with David for years now, both at Sympatico and on his own. Vik does technical writing, instructional design, usability reviews, quality assurance testing, project management, and HTML, and can program in JavaScript, Perl, PHP, MySQL, C, and Java.

Mark Suosmaa

Well versed in both Macintosh and Windows, Mark brings to Sharp Connections a keen sense of design, expertise in building animated Web sites, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in computer troubleshooting and networking.


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