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Corporate and Non-Profit Clients (past & present)

York University

Technical writer for major update of York's Computing website.

"We were lucky to have David rewrite much of the content of the website so that it could be better understood by our clients, many of whom are not technical. As part of a team with a diverse set of skills, David was critical to the success of the project on many dimensions, including overall understandability and a significantly improved end-user experience."


Technical re-imagining and rewrite of online supporting documentation for website general use, registration, and specific online applications.

Bell Canada

Twelve years as writer, web producer, editor and technical advisor for Sympatico online Customer Service.

"Sharp Connections has always been consistent in delivering very impressive creative output.  Their ideas are fresh and their dedication is comforting.   They will never allow issues and roadblocks to impact their deliverables, instead they provide solutions that work.  Their ideas are not dictated by existing technical limitations, instead they present several options to work around these stumbling blocks.  They listen to what you have to accomplish and come back with a sound, strategic proposal that adds value to what’s on the table.

My experience with Sharp Connections was exceptional, fun and surprisingly easy ( I would definitely recommend partnering with David and his tech-savvy associates on any communications and web-related projects – they’re an excellent resource team to work with!"

"Sharp Connections understands Internet users of all levels of experience. The wealth of technical knowledge and people know-how they offer gives David and his associates a well-deserved reputation in this industry.

Bell Sympatico has benefited greatly from their contributions over the years to our online customer service web site"

"I would like thank you guys for the hard work you have pulled in completing the web portion of this [wireless networking setup] project. This was a fairly significant task, with tight timelines. Thanks again for helping us deliver a solid website on time"


Writer and editor for Tucows online help site.

Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts

"Sharp Connections offer suggestions and solutions for technological problems without jargon and always with the needs of the client foremost. Solutions are found through partnership, and are never imposed. David demystifies technology in a way that empowers the client. He not only assists with problem solving, but also offers invaluable advice and strategies for improving an organization's technology. This is always done through a dialogue which encompasses both short and long term goals and implications for the business."
Dunleavy Cordun Associates

"Sharp Connections has advised and assisted us with our technical needs for many years now. Whether for our office networking, web site plans, or home office challenges, we know we can count on David's advice."
Storyline Entertainment

"I first met David at an organization where I did financial work, and quickly began referring him to all of my other clients. He is friendly, patient and willing to walk the non-IT savvy through detailed IT situations. He is prompt, thorough, detail-oriented and very knowledgeable. Most importantly, he takes his clients’ budgetary constraints into account when planning his service provision."
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/MWAR

"David Sharp has been working with us for many years on various computer projects. While our demands have often been impatient, ill planned and numerous, he has been easy to work with, quiet, calm, knowledgeable and accommodating.

Over the years, his deft abilities not only in technical areas but also in interpersonal dynamics have made a great impact on the women in our organization and made his work with us indispensable."

Loose Change

"We've used Sharp Connections for our IT support for several years now and are very pleased with the level of commitment David brings to his clients and their technical challenges.We are a Mac shop but also need to use Windows software. David planned and implemented the most practical solution, one that gives us the technical flexibiity we need, and minimizes the physical impact on our compact office space. Our setup includes wired and wireless networking, shared files and printers, synchronized mobile devices, and redundant backup.

We trust him with all our passwords, and he maintains our systems beautifully and gracefully. Unlike other technicians that we've used in the past, he uses plain language and has a highly collaborative attitude. His integrity is impeccable. What a pleasure he is to work with!

We can rarely afford any down time in our business, but if there's trouble, David has come to our rescue to get us back up and running in record time. David has been invaluable in helping us forecast our future needs, and has helped us through several upgrade cycles to date. Sharp Connections knows the technical needs of our business and keeps us running smoothly."

Aids Bereavement Project of Ontario

End to End Advanced Technologies

"Sharp Connections was able to understand our challenge and deliver exactly what we needed. I appreciate your responsiveness and look forward to working with you again."

Inner City Books

"I do believe we could not function half as well without the ongoing assistance of David Sharp and Sharp Connections. Whatever goes wrong, he can fix it."

Private client testimonials

"David Sharp's involvement has been very instrumental in helping me build my website. From the outset he communicated with me every step of the way to ensure I ended up with the type of website that I wanted. For someone such as myself who is not computer savvy he has patiently and effectively walked me through every step of the project. I am so pleased with my website! It has the look that I envisioned from the outset! Thanks for your assistance and professionalism Dave!"

"I'm a self-employed freelance technical writer - a business of one. Sharp Connections, in the form of David Sharp, has been a godsend for my business for the past eight years. David is fluently bilingual (he "speaks" both Mac and PC) and very skilled at troubleshooting issues, sometimes even over the phone. ("Try this!" he says, and explains just what to do.) He also has a real talent for explaining things in regular English, which I appreciate more than I can say. He's also unfailingly polite, prompt, gets back to me as soon as he can and is utterly reliable. I'd also like to mention he's very ethical. When my computer is busy doing something he's set it up to do (say, running a backup), he'll immediately ask, "Is there anything else I can take care of while we're waiting?" and address that issue instead of taking a break. He's also sometimes suggested an approach that's cheaper for me but means he gets less money in the short term. I'm a loyal customer for life, and recommend him unreservedly to any small business, or to anyone who relies on computers and doesn't have an expert on call. He'd be great if you're one of these people who ends up doing tech support for your elderly friends and relatives...his patience and ability to explain should come in very handy there too."
"David explains things in ways that average computer users understand. After years of using an outdated OS, I recently upgraded – and was immediately lost. David understood that I needed a visual map of the new system, and after his average-user-orientation – which doesn’t exist in any online tutorial I’ve ever seen – I knew where things were, where things went, where to put them, and how to manage the way things looked. As I got started with the new OS, David was happy to answer questions as they came up, recommending various apps and giving me how-to instructions in plain language. When my new hardware suddenly crashed in the first week of use, David advised me on a quick fix and what to watch for in the future – advice the retailer didn’t offer. (I should have known to call David first!) I’ve known David for 15 years, and as a long-term customer, I can say that Sharp Connections offers the best service for the best price. David is my go-to guy – he tailors his services to my needs, he has outstanding communication skills, and he makes computing easy and stress-free."
"Sharp Connections was suggested to me by a friend who has very high standards and that is what Sharp Connections is all about – HIGH STANDARDS and EXCELLENT SERVICE. No matter how small or big the problem David can fix it. He is reliable – calls within minutes of being contacted. David will help you shop for computer equipment, and at the best prices. David is competent and truly knows the computer business. I would, and have without hesitation, recommend Sharp Connections."
"My wife and I are most grateful for the creative skill, savvy and ingenuity David Sharp has provided us in so many ways, to name only a few - resolving various computer glitches; removing unnecessary files, folders, software, etc.; explaining his objectives and methods to us as he works; and treating us with utmost courtesy. David helped us set up a home wireless connection between two quite distant rooms, taught us how to back up our files on a 'stick' and has given generously of his time over the telephone on some smaller but troublesome problems. He is not only competent, but patient and determined to find solutions .... and always does! We cannot recommend David too highly."

"I would highly recommend David Sharp to anyone who uses a computer. Whether it's solving glitches, setting up a router to access my office network from home, or enhancing computer usability, David attends to all issues in a competent, efficiant and friendly manner."

"David Sharp is an exceptional person. At times I have trouble with my Macintosh. He is very prompt in sorting out my problems, and leaves me feeling not the dummy I thought I was, but a capable human being."
"Thanks for your invaluable help; you're a great teacher. I'm glad I connected with you, and I'm looking forward to more lessons in the future. You made me feel like I created my own website, but without your patient expertise, I wouldn't have achieved anything."
"Miracle worker!! Competence and availability: truly a rare service. So many thanks to the good Doctor!"
"Sharp Connections has been for some time an invaluable resource for me - both for general computer and Internet information and for specific web design needs."
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